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Reference to chapter 1

  Why is      it that some people are able to suffer adversity without apparent damage      to their person, while others fall apart?       It’s a question specific to … Continue reading

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Reference to prologue

  Ever      made a really important promise that you couldn’t keep – like the promise      young John Avedisian made to his dying mother, that he would protect his … Continue reading

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Why don’t we do the right thing and stop letting Turkey define our morals?

I see that the Israeli Knesset have finally decided to think about recognizing the Armenian genocide. I think it is about time since Hitler made a comment that no one … Continue reading

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An Armenian Genocide Movie?

Recently rumor has it that Steven Spielberg is in talks about making a feature length dramatic film about the Armenian Genocide.  In time for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian … Continue reading

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Reparations before Recognition?

Now that the Armenian Genocide has reached the 97th anniversary mark, and with the vast majority of world scholarship, 43 US states, and 21 countries recognizing this genocide, the question … Continue reading

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Will Obama say the G-word?

Just one more day to April 24 and the big question on many minds – will President Obama dare say Genocide, also known as the G-word, during the president’s annual … Continue reading

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How will Armenian Genocide bill affect France-Turkey relations?

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (pictured in 2011) has warned France not to pass the so-called genocide bill. Turkey’s fraught relationship with France is set to erode further as … Continue reading

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