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Reference to prologue


  1. Ever      made a really important promise that you couldn’t keep – like the promise      young John Avedisian made to his dying mother, that he would protect his      sister Anna no matter what? Trouble is that sometimes circumstances make      it nearly impossible to keep those cherished promises.  In the case of John, that promise he      couldn’t keep would haunt him for years to come.


  1. Ever      wonder if you could become a racist?       Say for example that a particular group of people did something      terrible to you or those you love that could stir up feelings of hate and      anger to the point that you would generalize an entire people for say, the      misdeeds of some?  It brings to mind      what young John Avedisian felt towards Ahmed who happened to be a      Turk.  That all John knew, was that      Ahmed was a good and kind man.  In      my own family I remember the story well of how good and honorable Turks,      despite the risk to themselves, hid my family during massacres that were a      prelude to the full blown Armenian Genocide.  How can I blame an entire people for the      misdeeds of some?

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